An I-Report Of CHAMA Aba 2 Chapter Inauguration

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By Ijeoma Egbu

It was simply a replica of CHAMA family Goodness moments either during Invasions or any other opportunity where Warriors gather. Learning, interacting, fun.

The atmosphere was lit with joy and excitement. Of course, proofs can never be debated. There is no doubt that guests felt a chunk of whatever they heard about CHAMA as a family and an organization.

Pastor Gloria and the warriors in Aba 2 were amazing and prepared. It is glaring that they understand the vision and are set to run with it. Our zonal leaders proved that they are warriors indeed who are well grounded. Aba chapter 1 warriors came out en mass to support their sister chapter.

It was a wonderful moment. Long Live CHAMA.

Except We Care: The People Perish.

On Sunday, 16th October 2022

By Ahmed Ture

Ahmed Ture

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