After being absent for a long time, Emeka Ike comes back as a musician.

Mykey and Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike, a legend in Nollywood and the former president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), who has been absent from the movie industry for a while due to his lack of love interest roles on our screens, has suddenly made a comeback, albeit as a singer.

This comes after the actor, who is also the founder and CEO of Nollywood TV, vowed not to follow other well-known Nollywood stars who entered the music industry. He appeared as a rapper/singer on the song “Put It Inside” by Mykeypondafone, a musician who had previously collaborated with Ruff Coin (Nwa Aba) to create the hit song “aga ekuru gi,” which was very well-liked and successful in the southeastern part of the country.

Emeka Ike, who swore in the song that he would never sing, later acknowledged that he had changed his mind once Mykeypondafone delivered his music box to his home.

The song, which highlights perseverance and good work ethics, was posted on Emeka Ike’s verified Instagram account. It is now streamable on major music platforms, and it has received positive reviews from fans and industry figures who have praised Mykey Pondafone for his incredible talents and successful return to the scene as well as Emeka Ike for his work supporting the growth and development of Nigerian entertainment.

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