A New Evans Surfaces in Abia State. ANYA charges govt to prevail.


By SunnyChukz Isaac – Lagos.

On 12tth June 2023, the village of Okon-Aku, a quiet, boundary community in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State woke up to an uneasy disquiet when a gory image of one son of the community surfaced on social media after being declared missing for 2 weeks.

About 24 hours after the sad news, another confusion emerged that Udoeze was still alive and kicking. Armed with that confusion, Abia North Youth Agenda (ANYA), of whom Hon. Udoeze Agwu Kalu is the founder, took it upon themselves to dig more to unravel what happened.

“Let it be known that our purpose here is not to distort facts as the Abia state and community authorities are working round the clock to unravel the mystery by gathering all intel and pursuing the matter to its logical conclusion

“Before we continue, let’s point out that it is no longer a secret that one Chief Awa Ajugu, a traditional herbalist and a native of Okon-Aku was fingered and his voice allegedly captured in a circulating audio where he perfected the death of his brother from the same community and perchance one of his close pals before the ugly incident,” the ANYA secretary said.

According to the audio, Chief Awa hired Assassins and negotiated to pay the sum of N500,000 to murder Udoeze, he paid an advance of N300,000 with instructions that they should make it clean like other ones before it. Unknown to the voice alleged to be Chief Awa Ajugu, he was being recorded. The deal was perfected with him giving his final order.

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Supposed dead body of Udoeze sent to Chief Awa to collect balance after executing the hit he ordered

From the narrative obtained from the victim’s family. The plan to assassinate Udoeze was revealed by the assassin kingpin who grew conscience after tracing Udoeze for a while but couldn’t carry on with the act. With their confession, the security and other relevant authorities were alerted and arrangements were made to obtain evidence of claims from the assassins, which led to the series of audio evidence and bank alerts directly from the suspect.

Who is Protecting Awa within corridors of power?

ANYA claimed that during their investigation, they were surprised to learn that notwithstanding the empirical evidence against the man that is doing his best to reenact the Evans experience in Abia State, he was able to free Himself from custody after spending over 1 Million Naira.

According to other sources like another old acquaintance of Chief Awa Ajugu who introduced himself as Kalu Ibe, a native doctor from the same community, killing a human being was like sports for the man his boys have come to know as “The General”. He revealed in the audio that at one point, Chief Awa had a crocodile farm and a Python garden in his Umuahia residence where he fed his victims too. He also has borough pits in his houses both in the village and in Umuahia where he easily disposes of his victims. These are allegations the police should be allowed to substantiate through thorough investigation but the process is being dragged after over 2 weeks because it is believed that Awa is well connected.

awa ajugu7529064701750518385
Chief Awa Ajugu

Transitioning from PDP to LP?

According to ANYA leadership,
“We also have it on good authority that Chief Awa allegedly worked very closely within the corridors of power when PDP held sway as he was always handy to erase political obstacles in the form of opposition.
He is presently romancing with high authorities in the Labour Party and may go scot-free as usual. This is because the authority has already told the family of Udoeze that without authorization to pursue the case against Chief Awa Ajugu, they may not do anything because their hands are tied. The big question is WHOSE OFFICE DOES IT REST ON TO GIVE SUCH AUTHORIZATION for the authorities to be able to do their job without miscarriage of justice?

The dangers of playing politics with this kind of issue

TVAfrica gathered through ANYA that they have it on good authority that the said Awa had marked about 4 young men from Okon-Aku and another one from Amaekpwu Ohafia for elimination in an orderly fashion. This is to say that the prank on him that exposed his evil plans has saved 5 souls who cannot be said to be free and safe as long as Chief Awa is not made to face the law with his network of accomplices that are already scattered around the state and beyond.

To avoid prejudice in the case that is still under investigation, we will not reveal the details we obtained from speaking with the victim’s brothers, Okwara, and Dr. Ngele. We will also not reveal the names that have been mentioned within the corridors of power in the current Abia State government, believing that the right thing should be done and kept in public view to know how the government of Dr. Alex Otti is planning to fight the issue of kidnapping, ritual killing and other social vices that have taken root in Abia state.


ANYA – Abia North Youth Agenda leadership.

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