The West has a “fundamentally different approach” to Ukraine, and war fatigue is “setting in.”


An unexpectedly polarizing NATO meeting revealed a “fundamentally different approach” to the conflict between the West and Ukraine, according to a military expert.

If you’re just joining us, the alliance met in Vilnius on Wednesday, but Ukraine was not given a clear path to membership.

Ben Wallace, the UK’s defense secretary, continued to tell Sky News that Kyiv could be good to let its supporters “see gratitude” because the Kingdom is not a “Amazon” delivery service delivering arms to Ukraine.

According to analyst Sean Bell, providing guns in the West requires taking on “more and more risk” and investing “more and more money.”

He did, however, add that Volodymyr Zelenskyy “thinks he’s fighting the war on behalf of the West” since “if Russia prevails, where next” and Ukraine is giving the soldiers and taking the “devastation on the ground”.

War fatigue is gradually setting in, and now some facts and undercurrents are beginning to emerge, according to Mr. Bell.

In the event that Ukraine’s counteroffensive continues to show little success, NATO may also withhold membership possibilities.

According to Mr. Bell, if the offensive stalls, both parties can find themselves in a deadlock that triggers discussions.

The declaration that Ukraine will join NATO “might embolden Putin” to continue his battle to thwart that, he claimed.

“NATO is off the table for the time being, but if Ukraine can make some sort of breakthrough in the next couple of weeks, it could completely change the landscape.”

By Ahmed Ture

Ahmed Ture

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