15 gasoline scoopers were killed in an explosion on Black Sunday in Ondo.


On Sunday evening, disaster hit the commercial town of Ore in Ondo State’s Odigbo Local Government Area when a tanker explosion left several people dead.

According to information obtained by OHAFIATV News, locals had gathered at the scene of a collision to remove gasoline from a truck when the occurrence took place.

According to eyewitness accounts, the petrol that had spilled onto the road was set ablaze by a spark from a cell phone that one of the people scooping the fuel was holding.

The incident happened close to a local gas station on Showboy Road.

Over 15 people perished in the inferno, according to John, an okada rider who was nearby and described the catastrophe in horrifying detail.

He claims that three kids and a pregnant mother were among the victims who were burned to death.

“As soon as the truck crashed, people flocked to the area to get petrol. The truck detonated throughout this operation.

“Three children died, and we have counted over 15 bodies. A pregnant woman who wanted to buy fuel also died,” he disclosed.

The spokesperson of the police in the state, Fumilayo Odunlami-Omisanya, confirmed the incident and described the victims as fuel scoopers.

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