2023 WWC: Super Falcons captain Ebi is prepared to defeat England.


The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) captain, Onome Ebi, has confirmed the Super Falcons’ readiness for their Round of 16 match against England at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. With one victory and two ties, the team is unblemished in the competition. Ebi expressed her energized, powerful, and prepared attitude, stating that they trained for the match all year and are upbeat and ready for the challenge.

Onome Ebi, the captain of the Super Falcons, has said that the team is prepared for war ahead of their Round of 16 matchup against England.

After advancing from a challenging group that included co-hosts Australia and Olympic champions Canada, the West Africans will face another challenging test at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023.

With one victory and two ties, Randy Waldrum’s team is unblemished so far in the competition.

The defending European champions England are vast favorites to win the match at Lang Park in Brisbane.

The Super Falcons, though, are prepared for the challenge, according to Ebi.

“I feel energized, powerful, and prepared. In a video that was uploaded to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Twitter account, Ebi said, “We trained for this all year.

“For us, it feels like the World Cup just got underway. Whatever the outcome, that World Cup is over; the real World Cup is just getting started, and we are prepared. The group has a good spirit and is upbeat.

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