“Jim Iyke Running From Incompleted Business Ventures, I Want A Divorce” – USA Wife Insists.


Recent development indicates that the saga with the abandoned United States of America legally married wife of popular Nollywood Actor and fashionista, James Ikechukwu Okolue Esomugha, popularly known as Jim Iyke is far from over as fresh demands and revelations have emerged from his belinguard wife, Carllie Taggett, who is insisting on getting a divorce from the husband she has not be able to communicate in recent times as a result of his blocking her on all possible channels for dialogue.

Recall that the news trended with lots of mixed reactions from fans and observers when LEGIT.NG carried news from a popular news platform – OHAFIATV News, revealing the date of their marriage et al.

The determined lady who is said to be a student and a business entrepreneur proceeded subsequently to present a marriage certificate to validate her claims and demand for official divorce to enable her to carry on with her life or make shocking revelations if her call is further ignored by the evading husband.

James Ikechukwu Okolue Esomugha, popularly known as Jim Iyke

According to Taggett in a recent message forwarded to TVAfrica: “We were married and lived together until early 2022. He would travel to different countries such as Lithuania, France, and Africa for his career in film and entrepreneurship. When I found out about his first infidelity we reconciled. After his second infidelity, we separated and I asked for a divorce. He abandoned me, blocked contacts, and has lied to family members and friends of our union”

Carllie Taggett, a medical student, company owner, and US citizen, alleged that they were married lawfully in 2017 after meeting in Norcross, Georgia. This was according to OHAFIATV News. Carllie testified that Jim Iyke, who she said was full of promises for the future, only wanted to use her and flee with her heart because of his uncontrollable infidelity and desire for more women.

She vowed to reveal more about Jim Iyke and his marriages that had been abandoned around the world as well as the number of children he had been hiding from the family he was raising. If the star doesn’t heed her request for a divorce.

“We first met and started dating in 2016, after which he proposed to me. Our wedding day was January 30, 2017. It is outrageous that he maintains covert families in nations like France and Africa.

Carllie Taggett

“I have presented our marriage license because many people had their reservations when the news went public. Unless he calls me to start a conversation about how we can handle this matter, I will grant live interviews to multiple media channels in the USA, Nigeria, and around the globe if he refuses to listen to my calls for a conversation and a peaceful resolution before giving more proof.
“In the most recent Legit and Intel Region articles he states he had two failed marriages but never reveals MY name. He hides the identity of his family in France and Africa because he has abandoned the children he had outside of our marriage. This is done so they can’t be identified or speak up against his abuse and abandonment. He has no clue a1s to the whereabouts of his last child in Africa which is why he never mentions the son’s name or even shows a picture of him
“He lies as well as manipulates his family, friends, media, etc. They are all aware of the mothers of his children and me, his wife. His Wikipedia doesn’t include me listed as his wife although we have been married and living together up until mid-2022. Jim Iyje is also running from incomplete business ventures”, she insisted.

“Everything he does is planned and strategized. When he states, “ I keep my family private. They do not fit social media.” This is key to his irresponsibility and lack of accountability, leaving those women to be single mothers.
“He constantly stays with multiple women in hotels, having them take photos and video record him on Instagram. Even muting the individuals who call him out as well as the family members and friends who are fully aware as to what he does”, she further reveals.

“It is difficult to be married again while my marriage to Jim Iyke is still valid, so all I have ever requested is for Jim Iyke to come out and grant me a divorce so that I may move on with my life”.

“I have called him and he answered stating, “Hi, who is this?” I replied, “This is your wife Carllie. I would like to come to an amicable agreement outside of court for our divorce.” He hung up the phone and blocked me”

“We are still married and he tells everyone we have moved on but refuses to come to an amicable agreement for divorce outside of court. I will file for court proceedings in the U.S. court to come to an amicable agreement for divorce since he refuses to communicate with me and lies to the public.

To confront my eloping husband and obtain justice so that I may move on with my life, I plan to use social media, TV appearances, and radio programs in both the US and Nigeria. He alone will decide how we will handle this”, She wowed.

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