Niger Reopens Airspace To Commercial  Operations One Month After Coup


According to the official Niger News Agency (ANP), the military government that took power after a coup in Niger decided to reopen its airspace to commercial flights on Monday. It had been restricted since August 6.

The ANP cited a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport as saying, “The airspace of the Republic of Niger is open to all national and international commercial flights, adding that ground services have also resumed.”

“Airspace is still closed to all operational military flights and other special flights, which are only authorized subject to prior authorization from the competent authorities”, he continued.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) threatened military intervention to restore the elected president Mohamed Bazoum, who had been deposed by a coup d’état on July 26, so Niger closed its airspace on August 6 “given the threat of intervention from neighboring countries”.

The military shut down Niger’s land and air borders the day after assuming power; on 2 August, they were reopened with five nearby nations: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Libya, Mali, and Chad.

However, certain flights with specific permissions were still able to serve the nation.

Niamey Airport, which serves the nation’s capital, was still served by a few flights that had special permissions.

The sanctions that ECOWAS placed on Niger to subdue the country’s ruling military are still hurting that nation.

The UN has issued a warning that the “greatly affecting Niger’s supply of vital food and medical supplies” are regional sanctions and border closures.

More contribution from Aljazeera

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