Dr. Elizabeth Gets Recognition After Her Hospital Records 12 Years Without A Death Incident


Reputable physician Hon. Dr. Elizabeth Ndidiamaka Obioma has been awarded a well-earned prize by the Advocacy for the Rights of Patients and the Aged Person in Nigeria initiative (ARPAPN) for being an exceptional patient supporter in Nigeria.

Hon. Dr. Obioma, the CEO/Director of the Abuja Unity Hospital, has gained the respect of many Nigerians for her intercessory role in improving medical practice. She has also won outstanding patient supporter in Nigeria for her selflessness and her dedication to making sure that Nigerians receive the proper medical attention, regardless of status, tribe, or creed.

Not because she is flawless or superior to everyone else, but rather because of a grace that is speaking upon her because of the path of honor she chose to thrive in her service to humanity, it is noteworthy that this medical phenomenon has never recorded a death incidence since beginning her practice in her hospital 12 years ago.

Without a doubt, this is the reason why organizations, individuals, and corporate bodies are urging her to get more involved in other spheres of social advancement, particularly politics, since Nigeria sorely needs a personality like hers to heal at this particular juncture in its history.

It would not be out of place to counsel and urge Nigeria’s Ministry of Health to keep an eye out for individuals such as Dr. Elizabeth Ndidiamaka Obioma, provide them with the necessary tools, and assign them more responsibility in the effort to end infant and maternal deaths in Nigeria, given her exceptional ability and devoted dexterity in providing medical care for more than a decade. She has plans to launch a free program to assist the elderly in the community, which is a good concept that supportive Nigerians should support.

I urge others to take the same steps as ARPAPN did in order to locate her and recognize her valuable contribution to the medical community, society, and humankind as a whole.

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By Chief Chidiebere Okoh, Proponent of Better Society and Good Governance.

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