Delta residents build Shrine in Chevron plant over PIA failure.


Ugborodo Community residents in Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State protested Chevron Escravos Gas to Liquid (EGTL)’s alleged non-implementation of the Petroleum Industry Act by setting up a frightening idol in front of the plant on Wednesday.

Placard-bearing protestors who blocked the facility’s gate stated the idol, called “Ogbejugbele,” was not damaging to Chevron employees but was a symbolic expression of their ancestors’ anger with the firm.

Protesters claimed they would stay at Chevron until the federal government and the oil company complied.

They demanded 41 things from Chevron, including implementing the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) and the Ikpere Host Community PIA as negotiated by the National Upstream Regulatory Commission (NURPC) and hiring Ugborodo and Itsekiri youths.

In an interview with reporters, community leader Helen Uremure said they protested because Chevron failed to meet its corporate social responsibility.

She stated Ugborodo had nothing to show for Chevron’s 60-year presence.

“Chevron hasn’t reciprocated. No job, no contract. Even our seniors are unsupported. The are heating on us”, she said.

Chevron declined to employ our graduates. They do laborer/casual jobs.”

Julie Iwetan, another Ugborodo resident, told OHAFIATV News that the people are hungry and suffering.

Ukueyinden Ajuetsi, a youth from the place, said the community lacks water and light and has no jobs.

Joseph Ireyefoju, a community leader, said Chevron brought outside personnel for facilities maintenance without considering Ugborodo residents. He said this demonstrated Chevron violated local content laws.

Augustine Iyinbo, a nonviolent protest organizer told newsmen, “We will not leave until they (Chevron) do the needful.”

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