Rumours of Coup in Sierra Leone prompt nationwide curfew


Sierra Leone has ordered a statewide curfew after a military barracks attack in Freetown this morning. After the election, the country was in upheaval.

The authorities said they thwarted an attack at Wilberforce barracks and guaranteed locals of control. Information Minister Chernor Bah advised citizens to stay indoors as security authorities search for the attackers.

Witnesses reported heavy shooting and explosions in Freetown early Sunday, with social media footage showing smoke billowing. Witnesses reported gunfire near Murray Town Navy Base and another military installation, indicating a security issue.

President Julius Maada Bio confirmed the breach and blamed “renegades,” telling the public that quiet had returned. He stressed unity to protect Sierra Leone’s democracy from threats.

ECOWAS denounced the Sierra Leone constitutional order disruption. Political violence has plagued the country since Bio’s June re-election, which was marred by ballot count transparency claims.

Sierra Leone’s socio-economic problems persist after the civil war more than two decades ago. President Bio’s election has been criticised due to the country’s economic woes, roughly 60% poverty rate, and West Africa’s highest youth unemployment.

Sierra Leone’s upheaval follows a regional trend of military coups that have imperilled democracy. Recent coups in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Guinea have put the country in a precarious position, reflecting West and Central African issues.

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