Mayor of Ikwuano, Ossy Nwaka, Assures Constituents He’s Leader Of All.


…Says Otti’s Govt’s got what it takes to wipe your tears

The Transition Chairman of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, Hon. Osinachi Nwaka says his emergence as Mayor of the Council is to judiciously serve the people of Ikwuano to bring about the desired developmental strides.

Nwaka maintained though a member of the ruling Party in the State, Labour Party (LP), he had been sent on a rescue mission, to correct the errors of the past, thus bringing the government close to their doorsteps.

Ossy Nwaka who reiterated that he posed a father surrogate to the entire Council, amidst humility, pointed out that he had the capability to salvage the people from their age long penurious condition.

Addressing the people of Ikwuano at the Council headquarters over the week, Ossy Nwaka reassured the people that he, in accordance with the policies of the Labour Party government had come to make better their lots.

The humanitarian leader stressed that the Labour Party administration of Dr. Alex Otti, OFR had come to extirpate their age-long suffering and cause smiles to beam again on their faces, reiterating that: “with this present government of Dr. Alex Otti, you’ll again have a good taste of being civil servants and for the first time, shall be proud of working in the Local Government Council.

Hon Ossy Nwaka

Hear him: “We are no longer doing politics now; I’m not standing here as a Labour Party man now, I’m standing as the father of Ikwuano and not just a.
We mean well for all of you. We have not come to victimise you, we’re here to wipe your tears away.

“This government of Otti has come to renew and restore our hope and I can bet you that you have not had it in this kind before. We’re the elects of the Governor and he has given us mandates which we must follow strictly. And that is to bring back dividends of democracy to you. With this government of Dr. Otti, I have come to assure you that all your years of cankerworm and caterpillars are over. So, I have come to announce to you that things are better now”, he boasted.

The renowned philanthropist and President of New Era Foundation (NEF), therefore, urged every staff of the Council and indeed the entire people of Ikwuano to discard their various party affiliations and work collaboratively with the new leadership of the Council in order to achieve the Ikwuano of their dreams.

“Come out from your shells let’s work together; forget your political parties now; this is not politics. They didn’t send me here to do politics. Whether you’re in APC, APGA, PDP, Labour, name them, please, leave that at home, this is our father’s land.

“This is Ikwuano. When we come here, we do work for Ikwuano so you get paid and I get paid.
We cannot be making a mess of this government and our brothers and keep making us loose.

Meanwhile, Nwaka, who implored the staff to make available a list of their challenges through their heads of department, reassured that within a fraction of a few months, the entire Council would witness unprecedented facelifts.

“Please, let’s work together as a team, let’s make Ikwuano work. In a few weeks, in a few months, you’ll see changes. Whatever your challenges are, find a way to channel them to your departmental heads, Dr. Alex Otti is here for you, Osinachi Hyacinth Nwaka is here for you.

However, he decried the spate at which hoodlums invaded the Council and vandalised the government’s property, as he threatened to deal with the perpetrators of the heinous act, without mercy.

“I’m hearing that when you buy new things and put them in place here, some hoodlums come and vandalise them. Come and vandalise, and then watch out for what we’ll do to you. I mean every bit of what I say to you.


“So, from today, let no man or woman take away a pin from this vicinity, else once we catch you, you’re doomed. I repeat, you’re doomed. Send this message across to those who are here and those who are not here. Send it to the immediate community and neighbouring communities, and anybody that needs to hear.

“This place is no longer for criminals; this place is no longer where you leave your items and go home and then the next day, they’ve taken your property. We’ll use dogs against you, we’ll use security, CCTV against you. I just beg of them to catch one person, what we’ll do to you, you’ll not believe it.

“As the Chief Security Officer of Ikwuano, I’m telling you, wepu aka enwe n’ofe, tupu ogho aka mmadu- remove the finger of the monkey from the pot of soup lest it turns into a human hand.

“But, I have a message for you; I am a humanitarian man; I can assist you, I can move you forward, I can help you, I can remove tears from your eyes. We have not come here to flatter you. I have the capacity to do what I’m telling you, if you want, you can go ahead and investigate to verify who I am.

Continuing, he said: “Every youth, boy, girl, from today, as I step into this local government, I can tell you, ihe a di wo mma- your lives have changed for good”, a statement which was accompanied by a non stop clapping ovation and sounds of joy and jubilations from the people.

In his remarks, the Deputy Chairman, Hon. Chief Charles Ugboaja commended the Mayor for his unreserved demonstration of love for his people over the years, describing him as a gift of God to the people of Ikwuano.

“Just like the scripture says: When the Righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice; but when the wicked is on the throne, the people wail.

“Your happiness ought not to be that Mayor Nwaka or Deputy Mayor Ugboaja is here, no! Your happiness should be the day Dr. Alex Chioma Otti OFR was declared Governor of the State.

He advised the staff to endeavour to carry out their responsibilities in the Council and eschew guile, saying “this Local Government belongs to you and we’re begging you to work for your pay.

The Deputy Mayor who urged the staff to refrain from any form of criminal indulgence, pleaded that various facilities that would be provided by the administration to make their lots better, be allowed to serve its purpose.

“Work for your pay and do not trick the Council. Do the right thing and do not get involved in stealing. Most of the things this administration will bring into the Council to make it conducive, you should allow it.

Hon. Ugboaja thanked the staff and the entire Ikwuano community, while assuring them of a new era in the area.

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