Chidiebere Tells Deji Adeyanju to focus on activism and leave leadership, security to experts.


Deji Adeyanju, a right activist has been warned to mind his activism business and leave governance and security matters to the experts who are working round the clock to combat crime in Nigeria and continue to make Abuja a safe place for her inhabitants. This was in reaction to his ascension that Nyesom Wike, the FCT Minister is responsible for the exacerbated rate of increase in crime within the Abuja metropolis.

This outburst by Adeyanju has generated many reactions from the Nigeria populace, especially on X and Facebook, prominent among these is Comrade Chidiebere Okoh, the Convener and Director of Market Youth Congress (MYC), a good governance and democratic advocacy pressure group in Nigeria who believes that Deji has a characteristics of speaking out of turn on every issues, even the ones beyond his pedigree, all in his effort to get noticed.

“As Nigerians, we cannot continue to misplace facts all in the name of seeking attention because some of these attitude of speaking out of turn only end up creating more tension. Saying that Nyesom Woke, the FCT Minister who has been fighting very hard to restore sanity in Abuja from being terrorists infested and a safe haven for miscreants is the cause of recent kidnapping is the height of insensitivity from a supposed activist.

“At best, it will be better for him to focus on professional activism and allow Woke to continue with his good works of securing the metropolis and riding it of criminals that have tormented Abuja for years.

“Most of the shanties is known habitat for criminals and Deji is advocating that the FCT Minister should pamper them with rice and stew when genuine citizens are getting accomodation in approved areas to do their legitimate businesses, those who do not even have business living in Abuja should be begged to stop harbouring criminals in their shanties? This is the height of hipocricy from Deji Adeyanju. He should just keep quiet if he don’t see more Peter Obi to castigate.

“It will be more honorable for him to approach Nyesom Wike for talks if he is tired of playing at the gallery because bringing up arguments that will confuse Nigerians and divert their attention from the good works of the FCT Minister to restore sanity to the metropolis will be counter productive against the interest of Nigerians.

“No government pampers illegality, not even if it favour Deji’s brazen rascality and insensitive argument to wipe up ethnic and religious sentiments. The same tool him and his ilks employed against a popular candidate in the 2023 general election. It is high time he crawl back to his hiding and wait for 2027 when he will cash out again. Enough is enough”, he said.

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