Chef Grace Nwaokobia is about to shatter the record for the longest cooking marathon in history.


This March, Nigerian chef and home cook Grace Nwaokobia is going to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Home Kitchen Cooking Marathon.

Chef Grace hopes to surpass Rickey Lumpkin’s 68-hour record. Nobody has surpassed this record since 2018.

There will be a variety of home-cooked meals available, and she plans to do it at a serviced flat in Lagos with little restrictions so anyone can come express support.

The prepared meals will be distributed to attendees from orphanage homes as well as the homeless living on the streets in special takeout bags containing raw food items. Additionally, a few home cooks will be chosen and given kitchen appliances for their companies.

Nigerians set trends, and the goal of this marathon is to oust the trend table in March.

To support and contribute, please visit @graciesgourmetng.

We are supporting her.

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