Government of Abia ejects illegal occupants of Aba Textile Mills properties.


Alleged unauthorised occupiers of properties owned by the Aba Textile Mills in the Government Reservation Area, or GRA, Aba, have been fired by the Abia State Government.

The three structures, which stood on a sizable plot of land near Oron Street, were cordoned off and designated as “Abia State Government property.”

A school was housed in one of the buildings, and additional buildings were constructed within the large enclosure.

According to Mr. Uche Ukeje, general manager of the Greater Development Authority (GADA), the buildings are properties of the state-owned textile industry, but unidentified people are occupying them unlawfully.

“The three buildings are owned by Aba Textile Mills PLC, but they are occupied by unidentified individuals,” he declared. The state owns these properties. We have identified them as Abia State Government properties and sealed them.

It is therefore urged that these tenants, who are not permitted to be there, leave right away. Without permission, they are not allowed to be in the state-owned buildings. Regardless of the individuals’ status, any government possessions held by individuals in Aba will be retrieved from them.

Some of the purportedly unlawful residents, who asked not to have their names revealed, told newsmen that they had documentation proving they had purchased the houses from earlier administrations.

“I have paperwork proving my ownership, hence the government is incorrect to seal my property. One of them added, “I have the documentation to show how I obtained the property.”

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